China has accused the U.S. of Violating International Law

The Chinese government said U.S. warships had been commit an illegal act on the southern island of Hainan. Previously the White House protesting the ships interfere ship USNS Impeccable.

 The White House urged China to respect international maritime law after the Pentagon reported there are five Chinese ships, including warships, harassing U.S. warships in international waters.

 "This is an act of reckless, dangerous maneuver and unprofessional and violates international law," said Bryan Whitman, a spokesman for the U.S. Department of Defense.

 The U.S. Defense Department spokesman Bryan Whitman told, one of the Chinese ships approached to within 7.5 meters to the ship USNS Impeccable. The U.S. ship was designed to protect, especially against submarines. China tried to prevent the cable ships are used to detect the submarine.

 Hong Kong television station reported Phoenix Television and is quoted by Reuters on Tuesday (3/10/2009) Chinese embassy spokesman in Washington declined unnamed ships violating maritime law. He said the U.S. ships would have been illegal surveying activities.

 "The U.S. warships have been conducting surveys illegal in China's exclusive economic zone," the spokesman said. He said he believes the U.S. has violated international maritime law and law in China.

 While China's Foreign Ministry had no immediate comment. However, due to the incident, both sides increased patrols in the Sea of China, including deployed air power.

16 Justice in Italy Arrested In Anti-Mafia Operation

A total of 16 people arrested by the police judge in an Italian anti-mafia operation of large-scale, based in Naples.

The judge is alleged to have received bribes to issue financial regulations that support the Camorra, a crime syndicate active in the southern city.

In operation, the authorities as a whole hold about 60 people on suspicion of corruption and money laundering.
BBC writes that in addition to arresting dozens of people, buildings and cars and property worth 1 billion Euros (about USD 12 trillion) was also seized in Naples and in northern Italy.

To date, the names of the 16 judges who were detained is unknown.
Police said that the focus of their operations are Fabroccino clan, which is believed to have bribed officials to get profit in court.

This clan has become notorious for extortion and drug trafficking, but police say they are investigating his involvement in the purchase and sale of property, hotel management and food industry.
The authorities clearly believe that corruption has spread far beyond the members of the clan itself, and that in this case the judge may have worked with the Camorra.

Justices Arrested in Italy

Italian police arrested 47 people on Monday (19/03), 16 of them are judges and a number of tax officers. They were arrested for involvement in the Camorra, the organized crime Napels and surrounding areas.

Police also seized a variety of bank accounts, buildings, land, and the car is worth 1 billion euros. This was announced by the Ansa news agency Italy.

Most of those arrested are members Fabbrocino clan, the clan that operate illegally in Nola and the area around the volcanic Mount Vesuvius. Twenty-two of the 47 people arrested have not been free until now. The other 25 under house arrest. The judges and tax officials accused of involvement in bribery.